Tough Gshock GW-9300GB-1JF

Tough  GW-9300GB-1JF
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pulled the trigger on the new Black x Gold muddie after seeing DougFNJ's excellent review, Kumazo's pics and LuckyPunk's post. I went with the negative display because I figured I could pick up a standard version quite easily later if I wanted one. I also thought I should be getting something a little different for the price I was paying and the BxG Mudman was more immediately desirable.

The price was a on the higher side but knowing Malaysian retailers I didn't think that buying it locally would have been much cheaper if at all - assuming I can even find it when released. So, impatient as I was, I thought JDM version, atomic (though useless where I am) and carbon-fibre strap justified the marginal extra. Despite concerns about its size and legibility of the negative display, I transacted with Chino on Monday and I got my new muddie today, Wednesday afternoon - which was mercifully fast!

Its size turned out to be no issue. In fact I really like it. It doesn't wear as large as its stated dimensions might threaten. My wrist size is just under 6.5". I would say that if you are comfortable wearing a GA100/110 or a G7900, the new muddie would be no problem. In the photos attached it looks about the same as the GA100 but it wears smaller (though taller).

I do like big watches but I am not without restraint. I won’t wear a GX56 because it is just past what I am comfortable with. This new muddie is nowhere near as bulky.

The negative display is actually quite good as far as negative displays go. I like the slightly larger digits and their sharpness. If there is anything that limits its legibility, surface reflection is the most likely culprit. The solar panels are the grey blue colour as it often appears in photos.

Bling factor
Though minor, I was also a little apprehensive about the gold because I don’t like bling and I am not a gold kinda guy. However, the gold on this watch is not at all overbearing. They are really accents rather than a feature. It just works on the stealthy black bezel. There are others in the BxG range with a great deal more bling but I am glad Casio made the BxG Mudman subtle for people like me.

Someone said that its resin compares to a Frogman but I haven't got one so I can’t say. Yet somehow, I get the impression that the resin on the new Mudman is better than say, my 9100 Gulfman. Maybe it is because the strap is supple and it doesn't feel so plasticky. The buttons are also easily depressed with a rather satisfying tactile yield. It does not feel creaky.

Gap between the strap and bezel
There was also a mention or two of concern within the WUS forum regarding a gap between the strap and bezel. Though slight, it is there and while not a deal breaker for me, I really don't think it should be present. Flexing the strap around the wrist makes the gap widen. While few of us would actually dredge through dirt with our Mudmans, I do foresee it being rather annoying when muddy slurry gets trapped in these gaps. Having said that though, if I got mine muddy, I would definitely take the resin apart for a proper clean. There are so many other lines and gaps between the bezel and the module, around the buttons, the strap itself etc. that's going to trap dirt anyway.

Final Thoughts
Other than the minor gap issue, everything about this BxG Mudman imparts an impression of quality. I am delighted with this watch. The overall tactile feel of the resin, the golden eye and its moon phase, the dedicated compass button, the time displayed in every mode, the sharp reverse display and the carbon fibre strap are all rather nice…

Is it worth the price? Well, I can't say no cos that'd be admitting I got suckered wouldn't it?! LOL…anyway here are a few pics. Bottom line is, I'm enjoying the GW-9300GB Mudman and mine will be getting a lot of wrist time. It is a thing of beauty and my rushed pics don't do it justice
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