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Casio G-Shock GBX6900B-1 Bluetooth V2 Review

I've always been baffled at the lack of coverage Casio's Bluetooth watches have gotten in F17. I realize G-Shock makes a lot of cool stuff, but as far as looking towards the future, "Smart watches" are the next logical extension in the continued existence of watches. Like many other members though, I much prefer my smart watch to be an actual watch instead of a tiny computer. With the release of the second-generation bluetooth watches (GB6900B, GBX6900B, GB5600B) with two way controls, Casio has gotten closer to getting things right. They're not perfect but they're a good start. I'll be dividing this review into three sections: the watch itself, the app (from an iOS standoint) and the bluetooth connectivity.

I've got fairly large wrists, so I decided to spring for the large-case GBX6900. Based off of the new GDX6900 large-case version of the classic GD/GW6900 watches, the GBX shares the case shape with the GDX but not the screen l…

Casio G-Shock Aviator GW-3000M-4AER review

As you may know, I am a fan of G-shock watches and am quite happy to write about them on Lost in Mobile because they are of course mobile and they are also technical. This site is not just about phones and tablets anymore and if it was, I would have long ago ran out of things to say. Also, it was with surprise that I checked the latest stats and 26% of the total traffic to this site is heading directly to my recent review of the GB-6900B/1ER. More than a quarter of the traffic since March 17th has been for a watch review which is a figure I can't easily ignore.

Anyway, the GW-3000M-4AER is a watch I have looked at for some time from afar and I was never quite sure why. The orange strap married to the aluminium and black resin body make for an unusual combination, but one that works in my eyes. The side view of the watch body is stunning; resin atop aluminium atop more resin with clearly defined buttons that are glossed rather than matt. Add blue accents on the face an…