Casio G-Shock Aviator GW-3000M-4AER review

As you may know, I am a fan of G-shock watches and am quite happy to write about them on Lost in Mobile because they are of course mobile and they are also technical. This site is not just about phones and tablets anymore and if it was, I would have long ago ran out of things to say. Also, it was with surprise that I checked the latest stats and 26% of the total traffic to this site is heading directly to my recent review of the GB-6900B/1ER. More than a quarter of the traffic since March 17th has been for a watch review which is a figure I can't easily ignore.

Anyway, the GW-3000M-4AER is a watch I have looked at for some time from afar and I was never quite sure why. The orange strap married to the aluminium and black resin body make for an unusual combination, but one that works in my eyes. The side view of the watch body is stunning; resin atop aluminium atop more resin with clearly defined buttons that are glossed rather than matt. Add blue accents on the face and an extremely busy interface and you end up with a watch that you will either love or hate with a passion. The reason I love the design is because it is different from most G-shocks, but not childish, it is premium without being pretentious and it contains everything I need in a watch.

I don't require Bluetooth connectivity to my phone, I don't want to be running apps on it and I certainly don't want it to beep and buzz every time someone tries to contact me. I want balance. A good looking watch that is deadly accurate and that can take daily knocks with no problems at all. If it happens to look fantastic as well then all the better, and that is why the G-shocks have long appealed to me. I get that many people feel that G-shocks are ugly and that they are not for adults, as evidenced by the messages received below when I showed a picture of the 3000M to Neil-

OK, so let's presume that Neil is incorrect and move on to the watch itself. It is obviously very different to most G-shocks purely because of the strap, a bright orange design that first attracted me to the watch. However, within 10 minutes of receiving the watch I had ordered a black strap because the colour is just too much. It does work, don't get me wrong, but I'm 43 years old and it just doesn't suit me. I find myself worrying about what colour shirt I am wearing and if it will clash with the orange strap (shudder) and the realisation that a watch should be subtly impressive dawned on me quite quickly. I want to enjoy the watch I wear, but I guess I don't want to show it off.

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