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Casio Solar Atomic Mudman GW-9010

First appearance is reassuring, with the finish looking just as I had wanted it to (proper matte black) and the display looking really crisp. It shows hours, minutes, and seconds, as well as the day, the month, and the day of the month. You get an at-a-glance indication of whether you have an alarm, hourly signal, and/or snooze alarm set. Additionally, you are shown the DST setting, whether power saving is on or off, and whether the auto light function is enabled. There are ten segments along the top of the display which have context-sensitive information in other modes, but which in timekeeping mode scroll across the screen in a 'snake' (so the head of the snake enters from the left every 20 seconds).

The last item of information shown is the G symbol, which is used to indicate that the watch was successful in obtaining an update from an atomic time signal station on its last attempt. Remarkably, all this is perfectly legible in the fairly small display area - a real achieve…