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Tough Gshock GW-9300GB-1JF

pulled the trigger on the new Black x Gold muddie after seeing DougFNJ's excellent review, Kumazo's pics and LuckyPunk's post. I went with the negative display because I figured I could pick up a standard version quite easily later if I wanted one. I also thought I should be getting something a little different for the price I was paying and the BxG Mudman was more immediately desirable.

The price was a on the higher side but knowing Malaysian retailers I didn't think that buying it locally would have been much cheaper if at all - assuming I can even find it when released. So, impatient as I was, I thought JDM version, atomic (though useless where I am) and carbon-fibre strap justified the marginal extra. Despite concerns about its size and legibility of the negative display, I transacted with Chino on Monday and I got my new muddie today, Wednesday afternoon - which was mercifully fast!

Its size turned out to be no issue. In fact I really like it. It…

Casio Men's GWA1000D-1A G-Aviation G-Shock Watch

I use the watch for a little less than a fortnight now. Previously I've had one of its predecessor models the GW-2000 for a couple of years.

The GW-A1000 is a purely analogue watch, timekeeping is regular G-Shock quartz. It has the typical accuracy of a quartz watch, mine appears to be less than two seconds fast, in a rather stable environment though, ie boxed. The watch synchronzies to the standard time signals of five countries 'Multiband 6' sometimes confusingly called 'atomic'.* While the signals are localy restricted, they cover roughly half of
the world population.

The movement is also of the so called 'tough movement' type, which Casio claims would greatly increase its resilience towards high G-Forces. Equally important the movement is self adjusting, useful in case the hands are missaligned.

There are various model versions available, but as mostly with G-Shock the differences are only cosmetic -- superficial and not worth to mention in …