Rolex The Yacht-Master review

Rolex did a really good job mixing brushed, polished and that frosted dial together into one cohesive package. Overall, the watch looks incredibly balanced, mainly due to the all-silver theme. It's dressy, yet subdued. You can wear this with anything. It's monochrome, yet not in the least plain looking.

The dial and bezel are platinum. Most other companies would've opted to go full polish, but Rolex thankfully held back, instead highlighting just the coin-edge and markers. Bezel rotates both ways as well. The dial has that nice glitter effect, with polished hands and white lume applied on top. Minute hand is larger, seconds hand is a nice red color - that small splash of color, along with the red marked "Yacht-Master" lettering, are what hints at the sporty background of the watch. Date magnifier not only makes reading the date easier, it also helps by adding texture to te flat sapphire surface.

The YM that I have uses the basic flip-lock system. Many swap it out for a Daytona clasp and I understand that newer versions use a different one. Still, this does the job sufficiently, in my opinion so, no need to change anything.
Here's the watch profile. It's nice and slim. Also note the nice rounded corners of the watch case. Gives it that "melted" look.
Here are a couple of wristshots. Flat profile, with rounded corners makes this a dream to wear. Very very comfortable. There's not a single bad angle with this watch.

Many say this watch breaks tradition. Some don't like that it's monochrome. Some say it looks downright ugly. It's a Rolex, but it's different. Some would say that's what they don't like about it. Honestly, I like that it's not so readily identifiable as a Rolex. I also like that its monochrome, I like that there's nothing there to distract me from the overall beauty of the lines, the mix of materials and textures, everything that makes this watch great.

I acquired this from a 2nd hand store in Hong-Kong. I tried on a white dialed Royal Oak 15300 as well. The Oak has also been a grail of mine, but I never thought I would ever be able to get one, so I set my sights on the Yacht-Master. That day though, I had the opportunity to try one. However, it didn't work for me. It looked too serious. Not saying its no good, its just that maybe when I get older, it will suit me better. I'm sure many will call me crazy for choosing this over the AP, but hey, the heart wants what it wants. The YM is exactly what I want in a watch. It's an all-around watch that's suitable for any occasion. It can be sporty, it can be dressed up or down.

I also traded-in two watches for this. And I'm glad to have done it. I've changed my goal with watches. Instead of going for a collection of watches that suit specific needs, I'm now moving towards one watch that does it all and the Yacht-Master is the closest thing to that goal. Of course, time will tell if this is indeed the only one I will ever need. Who knows? But for now, this watch is going to get used A LOT.

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